First Things First

Un-clutter first then organize. Sort by placing like things together and purging what you don't need. Clear out the space you want to work in, sort by like things, and purge.

Label boxes/containers/piles with seven sticky notes or signs:

  1. To Treasure - these are the things you love, that you use, are necessary, and practical and you want to keep.
  2. To repair - the things you love and could use if they were functional and not broken
  3. To put away - stuff that belongs elsewhere
  4. To return - like library books, or your Grandma's bowl she left at your house since Thanksgiving or a return at a store
  5. To consign/sell
  6. To give away
  7. To throw away (big black trash bag)

Having trouble letting go of an item? General guidelines:

  • When was the last time you used it? (If it has a layer of dust on it that should be a good indicator that you won't miss it!)
  • Does it serve a useful purpose?
  • Do you love it?
  • Can you easily replace it?